Plebware  - Software Solution Provider

Plebware has been Providing Sotware Solutions since 2010 !                     

"Camping under the stars is a great way to view the night life                       
And Feed The Mosquitos"

As Plebware is a Large and Complex site we decided to implement Joomla once again, that does not mean Joomla is all we use
You can imagine Plebware as a giant onion, with many layers.

The First Layer is our Landing page, coded in html made with Mobirise Website Builder v3.12.1,

The Second Layer is our BLOG Feature or news site section is run by Joomla - Joomla! 3.7.2 Stable  to be exact

The Third Layet is our Back End and is run by ocPortal or Composr as it is now called.