Who Or What is Plebware?

      2003 - 2018
      On The 30th January 2018 We'll Be 15 Years Old!

We Are Media Production Company and Open Source Software Distributer.


Plebware was the  brainchild of Otto Brinkmeier way back when he ran 0tronix Developments his first internet company.
In the early 2010s, it was originally called Bioware™, till he learned from Jullian De Villiers
His new Partner That A Gaming Manufacturer had coined the term
- Jules and Otto together then decided Upon The Name Plebware as the its new name.

The Meaning Of Plebware In A Nutshell

Plebware Was A Term Choosen To Represent The Human Element
It was coined to coincide and compliment The Terms Hardware and Software

You are Plebware!

As you can see, from the Diagram Below:
Plebware is about You,
Its about the User or Computer Operator.
Hardware - The Physical Parts Of A Computer       
Software - The Applications (Programs) The Code
Plebware - The Human element (Operatot) User.


We support Open Source and Free software.

We became a Christian Resource center in 2015
We Started Supporting Portable Applications in 2017

Any Computer or device enhanced with a PlebVersion to create the ultimate Free Computer