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Many people have asked questions regarding the history of e-Sword,  and it's ministry, who is Rick Meyers, etc.

Rick Meyers was born in 1962 in sunny southern California, saved by the grace of GOD in 1980, married his beautiful wife in 1988,
He has two wonderful children—a daughter and son, in that order.

The Holy Spirit chose to give him the gift of teaching, which he has been using since 1991.
It was this same time that The Lord gave him the desire to program computers.
Nine years later GOD combined Rick's passion for God's Word and his pleasure of programming, and e-Sword was birthed!


   In Our opinion it is the Best and Only Free Bible Application that we would ever recommend.

Review of e-Sword Bible Software Program

If you want a free yet extremely versatile Bible software program, "e-Sword is exactly what you’ve been looking for". It can be easily downloaded, and installation is a breeze, thanks to the self-extracting feature build into the basic program. This software is a pleasure to use and offers a large selection of add-on modules, all self-extracting, that are available for easy downloading.

The Most Useful Features

Rick Meyers began writing e-Sword back in the year 2000. Now the software is up to version 11.0 and it is being downloaded in 235 countries around the world. From the beginning, Rick has generously offered this delightful program for free.

   Rick Meyers (the creator of e-Sword) has steadily improved this program,
   He has constantly and consitantly made changes to it where he thought and believed it would benefit the users.
   With over 6 million downloads to date, e-Sword is the most popular of all the free, single-author software packages,
   Being one of the most popular of all Bible software packages even when the "big dogs" are in the mix. e-Sword was birthed in 2000 by its author,
   Rick Meyers. The software gained popularity fairly quickly, and when Rick's employer went bankrupt in 2001 he decided to go at it full-time.
   e-Sword has been improving rapidly ever since, and the user community has responded in kind.
   The theme verse for e-Sword is "Freely you received, freely give." (Matthew 10:8).

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