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On Behalf of Otto Jules
                                                 The  Founders Of Plebware

We want to Thank You For Your Interest in our PlebPacks
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Happy Computing From The PlebTeam

For us this has been along and exciting Journey.
It has always been our sincerest desire, that You and all the other users of our PlebTechnology have an awesome, productive trip,
PlebVersion’s have been designed with Cost effectiveness, convenience and improved functionality, as its main criteria, aimed at, 
Providing you the end user with a Personal Computer that truly has  holistic capabilities, to which we have added new:
       Accessibility Features.
       Development Features.
       Educational Features.
       Gaming Features.
       Graphic and Picture Features.
       Internet Features.
       Music and Video Features.
       Office Features.
       Security Features.
       Usefulness Features.
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Add to that – the features of the PlebTuition Add-on Modules.
Modules that can be acquired as a Digital Download for a small Fee.

These Commercial PlebModules will help you Master All The Software We Have Provided, Plus:
       1. Improve Your Internet Skills,
       2. Learn How To Make Money Online,
       3. Learn How To Use Social Media,
       4. How to Build a Website,
       5. How to Generate Website Traffic,
       6. How to produce Your Own Music,
       7. How to write an e-Book,
       8. How to run your own Online Blog,

Our Free PlebDiscipleship Add-on Modules.
    Modules that will be acquired as a Digital Download for Free, and that always will be FREE.
    These FREE PlebModules will help you Achieve True Discipleship, Plus:
       1. Teach You How To Live A Christ Centered Life,
       2. Learn How To Study The Bible,
       3. Learn About Theology,
       4. Learn about Christology,
       5. Learn About Eschatology,
       6. Learn About Homiletics,
       7. Become A More Jesus Like Individual,

In A Nutshell The PlebVersion Is Created For Your Pleasure, Convenience And Improved Productivity,
We wish you many hours of enjoyment and possibly even prosperity from using it.

Kindest Regards
 – Otto and  Jules

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