A Brief Introduction To Our PlebVersion™ And PlebMachine™.

A PlebVersion Is Used To Create A PlebMachine.

 PlebMachine™, Is The Ultimate Workhorse, Capable Of Doing Almost Any Computing Task.

Capable of doing almost any of the Computing Jobs, that Any Ordinary User Might Ever Want To Perform.

A PlebVersion is our compilation of the Programs listed below, in a Custom Installer

Presently PlebVersions™, are created exclusively, for Personal Computers, running Microsoft Windows™ only.

A Traditional PlebVersion Consists of a 4 Disk DVD Set. (Not Very Convenient)


PlebDisks™ Our First Product

(Disks Scratch, get Lost or stolen)


Thus we have Developed The PlebStick, our PlebVersion™ Flagship. (Much More Convenient)


PlebStick™ – A PlebMachine™ In Your Pocket

Consists Of a PlebISO™ and PlebLauncher™.
Portable Apps stay On here, so you can work on any PC




There are two types of Programs, that will be installed from these PlebMedia Devices.

These Programs or Applications are: Traditional Windows Software, and Portable Applications.


Traditional Windows Software Components, Weigh In At A Hefty: 12.4 Gigabytes

Portable Apps Supplied With PlebVersion, Presently Take Up: 6,4 Gigabytes Of Disk Space.


Giving The Total Weight, Of A PlebVersion A Hefty 20072180643 Bytes.

That Is 19,2 Giga Bytes All In All, Yes Folks, You Heard Right!

Sadly a Completed PlebVersion™ Weighs In At Almost 20 Gigabytes.