Plebware Related Issues

Question What is a PlebPack?

A PlebPack is a micro distribution of Open Source Software.
PlebPacks are exclusive to Plebware.

PlebPacks are our oldest Offerings to the Global Comunity.


Our First PlebPack, was a Pack Called OfficePack.
Office Pack was uploaded, to C Net’s Download Dot Com’s Server.
It was so Popular, that it was downloaded, Over a thousand times in one year.

Other PlebPacks that we released were:

Office Pack Lite..

Graphics Pack..

Facebook Covers Pack..

Discipleship Pack...

and a few others were released as well.


The PlebPack, eventually Made way, for the PlebVersion.
Which is our new Flagship For Open Source Software Distribution.

Question What is PlebNet?

PlebNet is Plebware’s Official Website, if you are watching a video,

or reading The Frequently asked questions, then the chances are you are on it.
However PlebNet also refers to Plebware’s Global reach which includes:

Google, Facebook, Twitter as the Main social media sites,

but also many other Social media networks as well.


PlebNet presently consists of:
a mobirise Front end a Composr Content Management System Back end.
Linked to, Google, Google Plus, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Question What or who is Plebware?

This is a two part Question with a two part answer.


Firstly lets deal with “What is Plebware?”

Plebware is the Human Factor of Computing, as explained in the About Plebware Section.

That is:
Hardware is the Physical Parts of a Computer.

Software being the Applications on a Computer (The Software, Programs)

Plebware is thus the Operator, or the Human element of Computing.

Secondly lets explain “Who is Plebware?”

Plebware is an Internet based Service provider, Providing Media Services.
What type of Media?
Multimedia – Websites, Audio, Video, Graphics, Digital Books, and so forth.

If it is computer related media we work with it or create it from Scratch.
Plebware is presently run by two self taught individuals,
Namely Otto Brinkmeier and Jullian De Villiers.