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You need to <a class="user_link" href="Log in - PlebNet">log in</a> to PlebNet in order to get full access to our features, to interact with other members, to manage your profile, and to be able to manage(and get points for) the content you submit.


Every logged-in member can gain points as they contribute to our community, in ways like…

  • Posting on the forums
  • Contributing content to PlebNet, such as gallery images

As you gain points, you can spend them on various fun or useful things, such as buying your own e-mail account.

The points system extends further than this though, as members have the ability to give each-other points via gift-points. Gift-points are given out to all our members at a rate of 1 per day for every day they are a member but are useless until they are given to people who you feel have done you or the community a good service. It's like a quota of "thank you"s that you can give out. For example, somebody might release some works to the community and then members might give them a whole load of points for it, giving them credit for their work.
To give points to a member you visit the points tab of their profile. The point gift will then show on that tab and will also count towards their point total (which they can use to buy things with).
Occasionally upon giving a gift, you will be awarded points yourself, as a random award for your consideration.

Members of staff have the ability to give any number of points they like to people, including huge numbers, or even negative numbers. Please the staff and you could be awarded massively in points; abuse our systems and you could be penalised.

Please have fun with the system and use your gift-points well.

The Point Store

The Point Store contains all the items you can buy using your points. You can then select some and buy them.

The items that are purchasable may include:

  • Community billboard messages. These are messages displayed in a prominent position on the website. All community billboard messages are placed in a queue and activated manually (and thus subject to moderation).
  • Banner advertisements, and upgrades. Through this you may advertise something of your own that ordinarily the staff would not allocate advertising space for.
  • E-mail addresses. You may be able to purchase forwarding and POP3 e-mail addresses
  • Special Software Releases for Members Only.
  • Logo Design Service
  • Discount on other Plebware services

Products that require manual setup will usually only be charged for upon activation, not at point of sale.


Wiki+ is a system that allows users to post content into a database of posts. This system is similar to that of a forum, however rather than having a structure of forums and user created topics, it has a staff-managed hierarchical structure of pages.

This system will be used for,  posting reference material regarding, PlebVerting any PC into a PlebMachine, indexed hierarchically by category, organising ideas indexed by topic, It will also be used in discussing Christian Doctrine and Theology indexed by topic name.

Thus Plebware will employ the Wiki on this website, as a Christian Discussion Wiki and Obviously as a help system and Discussion Forum on PlebVersion.
It will be moderated by Staff so Please don't post anything other than PlebVersion, PlebMachine, Christian Doctrine or Theological Content.
Any irrelevant or offensive Content will be removed and Offenders will be punished accordingly

Other things to do

Other features we have include:
  • a calendar
  • chatrooms
  • downloads
  • forums
  • private topics (for private messaging)
  • quizzes
You may see submission links on the menus, and in other places. Submitting any kind of entry will be a similar process to submitting news: your entry will likely be put in a validation queue.