Compared To Other CMS

Direct comparison

Feature Drupal Joomla Composr Wordpress
Easy to install and setup Yes Yes Yes Yes
WYSIWYG editor (*1) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Discussion Forum (*1) Yes No Yes No
Events Calendar (*1) No No Yes No
Newsletter (*1) No No Yes No
Photo Gallery (*1) No No Yes No
Style Wizard No, but lots of user themes No, but lots of user themes Yes No, but lots of user themes
eCMS Yes, Drupal is a sophisticated framework No (but the framework Joomla uses is very strong) Yes No
Social networking Limited No Yes Limited
Open Source Yes Yes Yes Yes
Commercially-backed Somewhat No Yes Somewhat
Bug back log 4594 49 2 1429
Uniform design Core only Core only Extensive Core only
Strong plugin integration No No Yes No
Uniform standards Core only Core only Extensive Core only
Modular , flexible, and maintainable Yes Limited (framework is, but product has some big assumptions) Yes Limited
Full API documentation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Reported security holes (historic) 143 94 5 205
WAI Compliant Limited No Yes No
Scalability testing Some people have millions Untested Tested to 1 million Untested
Page throughput 26.22 trans/sec 8.57 trans/sec 10.13 trans/sec (*2) 19.12 trans/sec
Primary practioners Programmers Anybody
(lots of agencies)
Varies by goals Anybody
  • This data was taken from CMS Matrix, tests run on default installs, and also is based our understanding of the systems.
    Please notify us if the status of anything is incorrect and we'll update the table.
  • *1: Most of this functionality can be added to other systems using third-party plugins (we explain why we think this is bad above).
    The features we picked for the table are just some examples: we didn't want to make the table hundreds of rows long.
  • *2: We could have improved our speed by removing bundled addons (this gets Composr 17.77 trans/sec), but we wanted to be consistent in comparing default installations. Drupal 7's default site did not come with any content or blocks placed, so was naturally very fast. Wordpress is simple without much overhead.
    These figures are outdated and need updating. We have managed to do some quite sophisticated optimisations in Composr v10.