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   Why Men Should Cook. The Kitchen Is Not Just A Woman's Domain. Cooking is a task that is often stereotypically portrayed as a woman's job.
  • Cooking Makes You Independent.
  • Cooking At Home Is Healthier. 
  • Cooking Saves You Money.
  • Cooking Allows You To Be Hospitable. 
  • Cooking Is Artistic and Therapeutic.
  • Cooking Impresses…
   Even though It can be daunting to cook healthy, delicious meals, it is easier than you might think

   This Page is Dedicated to Cooking, it is written from a male perspective,

   Written by a bachelor (Me – Otto Brinkmeier @BigManOtti)
   as I do most of the cooking for our Clan…

   All Boys (Ian Douglas, Jullian De Villiers and Obviously me Otti)

   This website is Dedicated to all the Boys and Men who have to fend for themselves…
   However, it is my hope to help all people - who have to cook.

   I have created it to be a resource centre for:

   Quick and Easy-Tried and Tested recipes…

   Presently Otto is writing a Cookbook:

       Joy Cookery Book

   In Memory Of His Mother: Maria Johanna Brinkmeier (Nee Kruger) 09/10/1924 – 14/01/2004

   Based On a Type Written Booklet
   Titled “Tried and Tested RECIPES and HINTS for The Business Girl”
     Originally Written By H. Crowther

    Smile while you are cooking
   Otto’s Mother used this book extensively before she met his Dad and for most of his Childhood, he enjoyed Cooking,
   Otto loved cooking so much he decided to create these Online resources…

   In his own words:
    “I Just want to inspire anyone, who has to cook for themselves, to do it with Joy”. - Otto Brinkmeier

   Tried and Tested Recipes
   All these recipes have been tried by himself, and his friends Jullian and Ian
   Presently Otto has also added more than 50 Recipes of his own to this book.
   And much, much more will added, before it is published….