FL Studio Producer Edition

FL Studio has one of the most intuitive and customizable interfaces of the music production programs out there. You can detach and resize all its windows to speed up your workflow and make the tools you use most easy to access. If You don’t recognize a few of the icons,  FL Studio has a help window in the upper left corner that displays the tool’s name as you hover your mouse over its icon. It also displays the keyboard shortcut when available.
The software’s main beat-creation tool is its step sequencer. You can drag and drop sounds from the browser window into the step sequencer and click buttons to arm and disarm them within the sequence. The loop library is vast, but most of the drum loops sound outdated compared those in other programs like Logic Pro X and Ableton Live Intro.
This beat making software’s recording prowess doesn’t match its production capabilities. While it is not easy to record with external instruments in FL Studio as it is in most other programs. You can record up to 103 audio tracks. However, if you record one or two sources of audio, you have to load an effect called Edison into the channel strip. If you want to record multiple audio sources simultaneously, you need to enable the disk button on the mixer for the channels you’re using.
Having two separate recording processes is frustrating, but you can use FL Studio as a plugin in other programs to use its instruments and loop library. 
There’s a good selection of effect plugins that add texture to loops and make them sound unique. The mixer has 18 presets that add effects like compression, EQ and tape emulations to the master bus. The effects have a ton of usable presets to help speed up the mixing process, and using presets can teach you about the popular tools professionals use for specific functions. FL Studio is compatible with all third-party VST plugins, in case you want a bigger selection of effects that comes with the software.
One of the biggest advantages of this program is its free updates for life – all the other music production programs we reviewed require you purchase newer versions. Some of FL Studio’s new modules and virtual instruments are available for purchase, but any updates to the user interface or bug fixes are available for free. You can also download previous versions at no cost if you prefer them.
At this time, FL Studio is only available for Windows computers.

FL Studio If Provided With Our PlebMachine as a Demo Version