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Plebware - May 2019 News

Plebware Has Collected all Its Flags

   Just a bit of added news, I (Jullian De Villiers) am over the moon to announce that we have collected all the flags of the world.
Not an easy feat might I add, to make it even more awesome we started from scratch and did it in under two months.
Well Done Plebware! Thanks to the Team Captains for help to make this a reality

News entry By Jullian De villiers - 17/05/2019

PlebMachine™ "Folder Issues" Holding Back Beta Testing!

   Plebware's PlebMachine Developer found problems with Folder Access, from Flash drive to PC, and Visa Versa.
   A Development In Keeping Folder Access, accessible across multiple PC environments, especially, The  "from Flash drive to PC, and Visa Versa." issue.
   If you are a visitor and are interested in our Plebmachine Project Please sign up.
   That is the only way you will be kept in the loop. 

Sneak In Now!

While We Are, Holding The Gate, Open!!!

  The All-New "Plebware Community Site"

    As surely as the worldly expression regarding "The Pheonix that Rises from the ashes, Our Lazarus Has been Called to Life.
   Finally, we have recreated our Plebware Community Site, a much-needed upgrade to our site.
   It is geared towards Promoting Jesus Christ and is populated by Christian Media Fans.
   So Just as a heads up for secular visitors, and visitors of other beliefs.
   We Are A Christian Community First and Foremost. We hold fellowship under the Name "PlebChurch"
   We Have No Members Yet! Initially, So for a Very Limited Time, We are leaving The gate Open For Anyone To Join.
   If You Contribute by pasting Discussions in Our forums, Like our Photos, graphics and articles, By Giving it a Star Rating (1 Star through to 5 Stars) 


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   We Are Reserving Space For:

VIP Christian Guests who are Fellow Disciples, Whom We Consider For This Position.
       These VIP Christian Guests are Invited By Us, in accord to our Mutual beliefs, and because of our Relating Church Relationship to each other.
       Plebware Defines Relating Church Relationship As:
      A  Relating Church Relationship, in the sense, that we rub shoulders in the field.

The site is slightly more complex than most social media sites, but you will adapt.
Once you have taken the step of signing up we will guide you through the learning curve.

Members who sign Up In April 2019 will be eligible for our Customised PlebMachine™
Of which we will only make 7 versions of - so in a nutshell, the first seven sign-ups will become VIP Plebware Community Members.
Each one will receive a Personalized PlebMachine™ and a VIP Account on this site.
No Time left for 7 Special Personalized PlebMachine™ Packages -  Offer Expired 30 April

Thereafter we will offer 1 Vip Membership and one customised Plebmachine each month till product launch in October.
This offer is unique and you won't get another chance after 31 September 2019
We will only be giving away 12 custom PlebMachine™ Packages and 12 VIP Memberships

Days left till Offer expires  0 Years, 15 Days, 17 Hours, 30 Minutes, 48 Seconds, have passed
Yours Sincerely
Otto Brinkmeier (Plebware Founder)


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