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PlebNet Overview

Just a bit of Information... about Plebware and PlebNet

Hi there fellow Internet User!

I hope you have enjoyed perusing this Web Site, so far. 

Don't forget to check out the Download Section, and I would recommend that to place a bookmark for this site, so that you can tell your family and friend you found it before them...

(Just joking but this site is going to become a valuable source of information, with links to most of the common places, you'll be visiting on the internet, it will have its own Chat areas, Blog, Bulletin Board, Newsletter services, RSS Feeds, Links to Social networks, Links to Business Resources, On-line Banking, On-line Stores like Amazon and Kalahari , Travel and Safari bookings. It will also be the home of the soon to be famous PlebStick™ and the new Open Source users site of choice) ;-)

However as you can see it's main function is going to be a Tuition Provider, 

 Focusing on Three important elements:

  - Teaching on Personal Well Being and Self Improvement.

  - Teaching on Computers and the Internet.

  - Teaching on Starting a Business on-line

This site is being completely revamped, and is actually still under construction.

Therefore you also need to know 

That there is much much more content still to come.

What you see here is but only the site's shell, or put another way its skeleton.

Imagine a new University building built in a way that it has its own shops.

Banks, and Shuttle Services (Off-Site Links) and you are standing in the complex weeks before most of its occupants have moved in.

Please feel to make suggestions, as questions and lodge complaints

email us at