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Plebware Help

Welcome To the Plebware Help section

Why ?



Meaning Of Plebware..,

Originally we wanted to use Bioware - Emphasising the Human Factor of Computing.

But since a Games company allready used the name Bioware...

We had to look for a new name, since we were targeting ordinary people.

we ended up with the name Plebware™....

Hardware = Physical Parts (Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard etc...)

Software = Application (The Programs and Operating Systems)

Plebware = The Human factor (Operator or Programmer)


Software Distribution made easy

What If, We Told You, that We Have Put Together

An Open Source And Freeware Software Collection

That Is Free, Public Domain.

That You The Use To Run Your Business For Free.- Its called a PlebVersion

Read about it here

A PlebVerter™

The Software Application that runs to convert your machine into a PlebMachine™

What is a PlebVerter?

A PlebVerter™ is our Unique Product Installer, designed to convert any PC into a PlebMachine.

PlebVerters™ come in three Boxed Sets (3 flavours):

    1. PlebDisk™ [Cheapest Option] $59.95

    2. PlebStick™ [Portable Version] $95.95

    3. PlebDrive™ [The Ultimate Portable PlebMachine] $299.95

No Cash? Get a Free PlebVersion™

If you can’t afford our credulously low priced PlebVerter Tools, the good news is:

 You can still have a PlebMachine, by creating it yourself, using this guide.

 And The PlebPacks™ available off our Website.