PlebCore™ is the Division Of Plebware, that focuses on Audio and Music Production.

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   We specialize in Mastering - Correcting Levels of poorly recorded audio, removing noise, hiss and clicks.
   We also Produce Music, of which the bulk of our work is focused on Remixing and Mastering other Artists Music.
   We Also Produce Our Own Stuff, Sounds, Risers, Drops, Fade in and fade Out Sounds
   One field we work in a lot, is Video and Movie Sound Track Production.

Here is an introduction from J.B. De Villiers - Plebware's Media Manager and Co-founder

Hi, I'm Jules and I thank you who have followed my mixes.
Well as you see I wanted to see how the 6 tracks that I uploaded would do on SoundCloud!
I can produce Audio of any kind using FL Studio Producer Edition, for 9 and half years have learned to do a lot, with the software.
OK too all! the other producer, artist, DJ's or vocalists who's music I have created playlists from, does not benefit me I'm promoting your stuff I like good music for me I am always busy 2 create the next sound and as of date 52-2-6 will be uploading new stuff Love all the music lovers and producing it is very nice all I must say beware of what you say you will get it?