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Welcome to the PlebMachine™ zone. 

If you want to ask questions the best place will be in the PlebMachine™ Forum

The PlebMachine™, Is the Flagship Of Plebware’s, 12-year Development journey.
Basically, it is a PC Add On, that aids and assists, its users achieve maximum productivity, across the broadest spectrum of
Personal Computing, built entirely around Free and Open Source Software, with the aim of creating a Productivity Suite,
that has no parallel, in effect, it is our attempt at boosting any dull Windows Computer,
Not only into an arena of Convenience, and Portability but one that will not only leave you breathless, and totally awed…
It came about, out of our own frustrations, of getting Windows to perform, to its maximum capabilities.
Our only hope is, that you will take the time to read this manual, and thus enable yourself.
To get the most out of this product, Please read It!

Since we have spent so much time, in collecting, testing and retesting the software supplied with this distribution,
we know we have done our homework.

Apart from the fact that many of our critics have said, that we have overdeveloped product,
we tend to strongly disagree, if anything we would have wanted to put another 10 years of work into it.

Being a Christian based company, we make no apology for our beliefs.
With that said, and although the PlebMachine is geared towards a Christian audience,
it is easily used by all, since we started out as a Media Production Company.

Our Version 1, PlebMachine, is heavily influenced by Media Production…
Consequently, it is feature rich, with media production functions.

It was also the Tool Used To Create Our PlebMachine™ 1.0 Distribution.
The Best News is that now we have achieved our Goal of creating a truly Portable PlebMachine.

Flexible, Every PC feels like yours, Your favorite software everywhere Your bookmarks and settings
Edit your documents, photos and more…
Also, The Software Provided with The PlebMachine is Free OSI Certified Open Source Software™

We have Checked the Software for adware, spyware, and malware
We hope that you truly enjoy its use.
   Otto Brinkmeier