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Plebware Rainmeter Code

How do you learn to code in Rainmeter Code?

Actually, the recommended method is downloading a simple skin and try to make modifications having another window open to view the documentation, this is the best way to learn how to do Rainmeter Code, when you download and install a skin, keep it a reasonably simple one, and then wrestle it to the ground to do or look somehow different, as you like. Use the documentation as a "reference", as there is just too much to it to use it as a "tutorial.

If this still confuses you, bookmark this Page as We will try to add simple tutorials, to help you learn how all this Rainmeter stuff works

   Since we have spend many hours coding The PlebMachine™
   We most definitely Don't want our PlebMachine Users Breaking the Code, so we are going to create a guide on how to customise everthing PlebMachine™
   This will and should also help other rainmeter Users, learn how to code their own Skins, and Suites.