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PlebMachine 1.0 Is Coming
PlebMachine 1.0 Is Coming

Why Would You Want To Join Our Community?

There are multiple reasons you might want to join us…

Here are the most common reasons

  • You want to fellowship In Our Christian Community.
  • You want to Share Recipes or Learn How To Cook.
  •  You want to Commission Our services.
  •  You want to Build Your Own Custom PlebMachine™
  • You are a PlebMachine™ Owner and need help with it.
  • You want to Become More Computer Literate.
  • You want to share Music Samples with us.
  • You want to download Music Samples and effects.

To be able to join our community you must:
Respond to a confirmation email which our website software sends out.
This security step is essential in keeping our site safe.

Unfortunately, there is a good chance that our email will end up in:
Your spam (Junk) folder;
Not because we are spammers, just because we are new.

           We Never Send Out Unsolicited emails
           We don’t send you unnecessary emails 
           We don’t send out large volumes of emails

Most of the major email providers, including Yahoo!, AOL, Hotmail, and Gmail, use engagement-based filtering to help detect spam.
This means that the more the recipients interact with our emails by opening, clicking, and reading, the more highly engaged our audience is, and the more likely our emails will end up in their inboxes.

However, since we have not had any sign-ups as yet…
It is almost a certainty that our emails will be:
Filtered to the Spam or Junk folders.

– Otto Brinkmeier (I have tested this)

Check Your Junk or spam folder and mark our email as not spam.
This will not only help you get important emails from us in the future.
It will also help future users.
Since it will increase engagement and thus put us on the map, so to speak.

Thank you for making the effort to read this, you can now go ahead and join our community, I guarantee you won’t regret it, just don’t forget to check your Junk Mail (Spam Folder) so that you can activate your account.

Yours sincerely
Otto Brinkmeier



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